Deep fascination over our world and my fellowmens versatile expressions drives me to listen, search and create. Words and sounds whisper in me and want to find the way to songs. I´m raised in Malmoe, Sweden, I have lived in Iceland and in Jordan and now, since long, Stockholm is my town.

……some of the great musicians that I have worked with are Alf Häggkvist, Filip Augustson,
Lorenzo Paesani, Palle Pesonen, Max Schultz, Mathias Landaeus, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Carl Bagge, Per
Tjernberg, Arne Forsén, Andy Fite, Håkan Goohde, Mattias Windemo, Johan Leijonhufvud, Klas Toresson,
Ann Blom, Mats Andersson,Torbjörn Ömalm, René Sandoval, Mathias Hjorth, Fredrik Olsson
Loic Dequidt, Dini Virsaladze, Adam Forkelid among others………..

…….to wander, wander and be transformed…..


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