Collective memories – October 2020


  words & music Madeleine Östlund

1. With air around us
lightness inside us,
it´s like the evening breeze
can lift our feet
in weightless steps
A dance we´re dancing,
like leaves on water
collecting memories
from Africa
in timeless whirls
The wind, the wings, our hands
the soil, the ground, our feet
sensations in our hearts
a sympathetic rhythm
when nature´s dancing back

2. In different costumes
ages proceedin`
and in the turns
I touch your fingertips
in this roundelay with you
In wider circles
apart – together
we´re like atomic particles
that find a way
in space of blue
A gesture full of grace
medieval reveries
chaconne, gavotte, pavane
ancestors in our steps
collective memories

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