A Rose for Democracy – September 2018


  words & music Madeleine Östlund

So strong
so brave
someone came before us
to give us freedom and hope

So come and find
what the forerunners gave
a breeding ground
where a rose can spring

Through the ages of time
it´s been the flower of hope
as we tend it
it´s splendour will spread

Wake up
and see
what the world can be
a global garden
where dreams can bloom

As we´re tilling the soil
with compassion and sun
we´re returning the gift
to the forerunners hand
by and by we can sense
that the fragrance of love
fills the air

“Her work is very artistic and interesting”    M Goto Jazzlife Magazine  aug-16

“The music has it´s absolute intrinsic value….Pure and simple, but still complex….It´s actually not difficult music, just very different and yet not” L.Götesson Daladem 21/1-16

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